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With passion for the perfect fit and the attention to detail, Zerres creates trousers of the highest standard.

They love and live trousers. They are fashionably up-to-date at a high quality standard, in perfect fit and silhouette, and with a value-for-money ratio that can’t be beaten. All of Zerres' passion for the product and attention to detail cater to how a self-assured woman lives life. The Zerres woman is one who craves to be fashionable without chasing after every short-lived hype, and who-- above all-- cherishes quality workmanship and the selection of the high-quality materials.

Zerres' fit system guarantees that their trousers have a perfect fit and the wearing comfort which customers value so highly. They offer every woman the trousers that fit.

At The James Store we specifically have compared the Zerre's pants in the same size from Vanilia and have those measurement comparisons included under each pant for your information.